Marc Tuytten is the CEO of the company named after its business : "Home-Automations" which is located in Belgium and was founded in 1993. Over the years, Marc and his team of six people have acquired high competence in the domain of home automation. Marc says :

"Home-Automations is not a "box mover" of automation devices, what we do is implement projects from start to finish. Before we do anything, we sit together with the architect and the customer to prepare in depth every step of the project and we put everything in writing.

After that Home-Automations takes care of it all: it begins by installing the electrical system and wiring in the construction fase of a home and it ends by instructing the propriator how his home theater and other features operate when the home is ready.

This is the only fit strategy for Home Automations, since our customers, who are often important business people or personalities, invest quite a lot of money, they demand us to be the single point of contact and ask us to remain confidential and upright about all our activities."