How can home automation make my life easier?

Home-Automations uses a Vantage System which integrates common actions and daily routines into its programming to make your life easier. One button press can replace dozens of commands to simplify your life. The Vantage System can also learn your routines and anticipate daily tasks with built-in memory and timed events. Vantage makes your home ready for the future of technology by offering easy upgrades and integration with most any other system.

Is home automation a good investment?

Home automation is an excellent investment in the future. Since it has become a common feature in most large, custom homes, one without automation is considered outdated and may be difficult to sell. Additionally, it can save you thousands of euro's by automating energy-consuming devices such as thermostats and other appliances.

How does Home-Automations make a difference?

Home Automations automates newly constructed homes as well as existing homes and uses hard wiring to connect every home system with the central control unit. This method is the most reliable and prepares your home for the future by providing the infrastructure needed for expansion. Home-Automations uses the best equipment on the market which is Vantage Systems. This equipment has many special features that set it apart from other automation products, such as built-in astronomical timing that changes lighting based upon the time-of-year, the ability to program your home from anywhere in the world via modem, and a 25-year battery to preserve your custom settings.

Will Home automation have effect on the look of my home's interior?

The equipment that is used has an aesthetically pleasing look that doesn't draw attention to itself or away from other features of the home. Furthermore, a lot of features and equipment are built-in and are not noticeable.

What kind of services does Home-Automations cover?

Home- Automations covers installation of the electrical systems, the wiring, the installation of all audio and video equipment (e.g. home theater), the lighting, and the automation of other household features such as : draperies, heating and air conditioning. Home Automations offers technical support, accessible via telephone, fax or e-mail. Most problems can be fixed over the phone by communicating with your system via modem. The Vantage equipment is also backed by an unparalleled 5-year warranty on parts.